New Interviews with April Winchell and Craig McCracken

April Winchell and Craig McCracken have been interviewed by Mingle Media TV, represented by Ashley Bornancin. You may remember their earlier interviews from D23.

Here a few points I took away from April Winchell’s interview.

  1. The designation of Sylvia’s species is in fact a nod to Dorothy Zbornak, a character from the show The Golden Girls.
  2. We’ve long known about her knack for martial arts and her role as friend and protector to Wander. April also likens her relationship with him to that of a big sister.
  3. She gets to see material that looks like drawn in pencil, so either she’s just referring to concept art or they are not doing prelay like on pony but finish the storyboards prior to the recording phase. I hope someone can shed more light in this.
  4. We’re going to see a giant toddler in a shopping mall.
  5. She does point out that the recordings are of course done prior to the animation, naturally, but it’s still unclear whether the storyboards are already done.
  6. She also confirms that Wander Over Yonder feels a lot like a return to some classical animation series.
  7. Since her dad voice acted too, she always experienced cartoons as a craft, from the actor’s perspective.
  8. Sylvia gets to speak more in “The Greatest.”
  9. Check out that board behind Ashley at the end! (Especially if you’re an artist.)

Now for Craig McCracken.

  1. 2007 confirmed for Wander’s (extradiegetic) year of birth.
  2. He adds a bit more detail to the story of their meeting with Jack McBrayer. See my previous posts under the Interview tag for more on that.
  3. He specifically said that his pitch for Wander Over Yonder was very much focused on Wander’s character, so let’s hope that this means that we’ll still see some interesting story elements in later episodes.
  4. They invent the places to fit the characters that feature in an episode.
  5. He talks some about their work environment.
  6. He tells a little anecdote about one of the first shows he worked on, 2 Stupid Dogs.
  7. He has some advice for artists and also comments on the stylistic developments in cartoons that he observed.
  8. “Great things happen when people collaborate.” —Craig McCracken

This is related to April Winchell Tumblr post on a press-exclusive screening of “The Greatest.”

Update: It’s also on her website now.

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