April Winchell and Craig McCracken Sound Bites in Kansas City Star Article

The premiere hype is picking up speed!

Rick Bentley of the Kansas City Star has published an article with sound bites from an interview conducted right at the Disney Television Animation headquarters.

The appreciation of rich hues comes from McCracken’s days working at the Hanna-Barbera Studios. From the earliest days of the company, Hanna-Barbera artists used backgrounds that were mostly large plains of color both as a way to accent the characters and to be cost efficient.

“It’s just another tool you have in your tool box to tell the story,” McCracken says. “The use of color is a way to make the show look very rich on the screen.”

Give it a read!

The video above is from a copy of the article, courtesy The Fresno Bee. It may have been a Disney press release or I would’ve expected one of the outlets to source the other. According to my feeds, the Kansas City Star was first, but the Bee appears to have had it scheduled since yesterday.

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