April Winchell, Jack McBrayer, and Craig McCracken Interviewed at D23

April Winchell, Jack McBrayer, and Craig McCracken have been interviewed by Mingle Media TV. Above a handy playlist of the three interviews.

Of the three of them, April ventured farthest into what’s to come, mentioning a planet that Wander can change with his imagination, a tree with arms whose fruit Wander would like to taste (or possibly it’s the fruit that got the arms, not sure), and Lord Hater imprisoning Sylvia and Wander.

She also described the Orbble bubbles that Sylvia and Wander use to travel through space. According to her, Sylvia is an “alien horse creature, who can be ridden like a horse but also speaks and knows mixed martial arts.”

The other two interviews are also interesting but linger more in the territory that we are already familiar with.

(kimjimagery.tumblr.com also posted these videos with a little commentary.)

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