Character Designs for “The Pet” by Bryan Arnett



Bryan Arnett used to publish these after the episode aired, but since we’ve all seen the promos for “The Pet,” he probably figured it was safe to select items from a scene that had already been disclosed. You can find the posts entitled “The Pet” and “Pet” on his blog.

This post will probably grow once the episode has aired and the artists publishes more of his designs, so check back regularly.

And it did. He made another post “The Pet,” one “The Pet Captain Tim,” and an untitled one. The episode feels a bit like time travel into the future, considering that it was apparently meant to be the 14th one. Halloween does that to shows I suppose.

Just now, several weeks after the episode, storyboard artist Steve Daye published another piece with the file name “woy114.jpg.” Since that appears to be “The Pet” in production order, I’ve added it here.

Busy with a board, here’s something I was lucky enough to work on this past summer…

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