Galactic Rescue Game from Disney: Artwork and Music

The description from Disney:

Wander Over Yonder – Galactic Rescue

Help Wander and Sylvia high-five the galactic citizens and rescue them from Lord Hater’s negative emotions!

Check it out here.

Update: Or play it right here on Tumblr.

Here’s also the music from the game:

  1. “Game Music”
  2. “Menu Music”
  3. “Ship Music”
  4. “Theme Loop”

Here also the sound effects, in case you want to use them as notification sounds for your phone, instant messenger, email client, etc.: balloon-pop-1.mp3, balloon-pop-2.mp3, balloon-pop-3.mp3, balloon-squeak-1.mp3, balloon-squeak-2.mp3, balloon-squeak-3.mp3, blow-bubble.mp3, bubble-up.mp3, click.mp3, electricity.mp3, hater-1.mp3, hater-2.mp3, hater-3.mp3, hater-fly.mp3, hit1.mp3, hit2.mp3, hit3.mp3, hit4.mp3, hit5.mp3, jump.mp3, laser.mp3, pop.mp3, power-up.mp3, score1.mp3, score2.mp3, score3.mp3, score4.mp3, ship.mp3, slap.mp3, slide-down.mp3, zap.mp3.

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