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Producers and Directors

Disney’s fact sheet, IMDb (whatever their source may have been), and the various parties themselves reveal or allege a list of talent involved in the production of Wander Over Yonder.

As proper, albeit prospective, fans, we can’t allow these people to languish at the level of just a fewscore Twitter or Tumblr followers. Hence, I’m publishing this series of posts throughout this week to promote their blogs and social media outlets. Follow away!

This list is necessarily far from compete, but to not unnecessarily curtail its comprehense, I’ll also mention those who don’t maintain such outlets (yet) or haven’t published them where we could find them.

Let’s start with part one on producers and directors of Wander Over Yonder.

Lauren Faust and Craig McCracken by newyorkx3I will assume that everyone already knows and follows Lauren Faust and Craig McCracken on Twitter and DeviantArt (you better!), but let’s start with them anyway.

Craig McCracken is the creator and executive producer of Wander Over Yonder (IMDb also lists him as writer and director) and can be found on DeviantArt and now also on Twitter. As mentioned a few days ago, he must’ve started the conception of of the show more than six years ago and already promoted Wander at SDCC 2007. (See also his article in the Wander Over Yonder Wiki.)

Lauren Faust is a similarly renowned fount of creativity. At the same Comic-Con she promoted her Galaxy Girls next to her husband’s Wander sets, but when she went on to pitch them them to Hasbro—possibly in 2008 or even earlier—they instead won her over for a redesign of My Little Pony. The rest is history (or rather herstory), at least until, in 2011, she made the hard decision to quit pony for undisclosed reasons. Rob Renzetti left out of solidarity with her. She would later describe it has a painful but necessary step (not verbatim). A side effect was that she could work as coproducer and story editor on WOY. Her Twitter and DeviantArt handles are an homage to her favorite pony, Firefly. (See also her article in the Wander Over Yonder Wiki.)

Dave Thomas is supervising director Wander Over Yonder. For about a decade, he used to work for Nickelodeon, but switched over to Walt Disney, where he was greeted with Craig’s fluffy, new series. He maintains a blog on Bogger that you can subscribe to. According to Joe Pitt’s post that I reblogged here, he also worked on storyboards, at least for that proof of concept of the title sequence.

Next up, director Eddie Trigueros. Eddie also worked for Nickelodeon for several years before switching to Walt Disney. You follow his artistic adventures, you can subscribe to his blog too.

Alex Kirwan is listed by Joe Pitt as art director of the proof of concept title sequence, but I could not confirm that he generally occupies this position. He also worked on the backgrounds. Both his website and IMDb entry indicate that he won a Primetime Emmy for his work and earned six more nominations for both Emmy and Annie Awards. Here is also a Tumblr you can follow.

Then there are a number more people who state that they are involved in the production but are not listed on the fact sheet. There is no reason to assume that they are in error, but please consider these semi-confirmed.

  • Lisa Furlong Jones, line producer at Walt Disney Television Animation
  • Clint Eland, president and founder of Mercury Filmworks (may or may not be directly involved with WOY)
  • Jamie Mason, director at Disney-ABC Television Group
  • Mike Penketh, producer Walt Disney Television Animation
  • Lianne Shattuck, director at Walt Disney Television Animation

Don’t miss the next post on the writers, editors, and storyboarders that have already been revealed.

Joe Pitt’s Proof of Concept for the Title Sequence

Joe Pitt writes:

I had the awesome opportunity to work on the intro for “Wander Over Yonder”. It was a hugely fun challenge because the question given to me was ” I want to change the background and location on every beat and sometimes half beat using a fast tempo song…. Can this work or will it be a huge visual mess?” We decided that really the only way to find out was to do a test. I whipped up a quick test with David Gemmill’s walk cycle and from it, we decided that as long as your character stays mainly in the center of the screen and that your ground plane and perspective remained constant and locked, then you can get away with a lot of visual change around without giving the audience headaches or seizures. After that proof of concept, we had a small crew generate rough, but almost final artwork for everything needed and I composited and cut together the intro above.

Credits for this include:
Boards by Craig McCracken, Dave Thomas, Vaughn Tada, and Chris Houghton
Art Direction by Alex Kirwan
Animation by David Gemmill and Justin Nichols
BG’s by Chris Tsirigiotis and Alex Kirwan
Edit and Composite by Joe Pitt

The Wander Over Yonder Theme Song and Title Sequence

Whee! Cartoon Brew has published the Wander Over Yonder title sequence!

The Disney Channel provided Cartoon Brew with this sneak peek of the main titles for Wander Over Yonder, their new series created by Craig McCracken. The main title theme song is written and performed by Two Man Gentleman Band, and the group’s banjoist Andy Bean is the composer of the series. The Wander Over Yonder first-look telecast will premiere on Disney Channel Friday, August 16 (9:00 p.m., ET/PT), followed by the series premiere on Friday, September 13 (9:00 p.m. ET/PT).

Bonus points if you spot the tribute to Ward Kimball’s Mars and Beyond!

Thanks to our esteemed Lisa Furlong Jones for the heads-up. You’ll learn more about her in a few days right here.

Preview Clips of Wander Over Yonder

Here’s a handy playlist of preview clips, teasers, and trailers for Wander Over Yonder. The longer ones are cam rips from SDCC 2012 and 2013, respectively, and the rest are the little teasers that were either published on the WOY YouTube channel or attached to Disney’s recent press release.

If I’m missing one, please send me the link, so I can add it.

A Very Rough History of Wander in the News


Above you see a photo from San Diego Comic-Con 2007, and in particular Lauren Faust with husband Craig McCracken selling Galaxy Girls and Wander Over Yonder merch, respectively. A commenter on DeviantArt said that it was a “shirt/book/patch combo” that he sold. (By the way, that’s a comment on a very early piece of fanart.)

Wander Over Yonder T-shirtA little under two years later, Lauren wrote this interesting blog post with some images that probably also appear in the sketchbook. Craig’s website, now blank, can still be viewed on In 2010, Cartoon Brew reported on both their projects, an article that I’ve often seen linked and cropping up in all sorts of searches.

It would take another two years, however, for me to first learn of Wander Over Yonder. Lauren Faust didn’t have a Twitter account at the time (in early 2012), but I was already following her on DeviantArt and reading her comments there as a part of pony reconnaissance and intelligence gathering. She must’ve mentioned Wander Over Yonder either there or in an interview (another possibility being that I read this this Bleeding Cool article and completely forgot about it again), so by the time she announced that they would preview the show at Comic-Con, I was very curious about it.

The preview didn’t reveal much in terms of plot and characters, but the show’s premise, as cited by Bleeding Cool, was certainly tantalizing enough.

Wander is an overly-optimistic intergalactic traveler who, along with his loyal but bullish steed, Sylvia, goes from planet to planet helping people to live free and have fun, all against the evil reign of Lord Hater and his army of Watchdogs.

One more year has has passed since, and Disney has actually put out a press release about the premiere on September 13 and the events leading up to it. (On the same website, you can also find a detailed description and  a fact sheet among other things.) This release, of course, got republished by scores of outlets and swamped our news feed, so at this point, mere updates on the project are no longer as interesting as actual previews—to which I will dedicate another post.