New Promo Clip for “The Pet”

People posted frames from this preview of the episode yesterday already (e.g., Hayamika), but I had been unable to find a video recording. Ergo, I just ripped all of Disney Channel from the diligent streamers on iLive for a few hours, and voilà, here’s a new “The Pet” preview for you all.

The above video is a shorter full HD version recorded by Spazz. What is missing is a scene of Wander’s new pet scaring away a bunch of watchdogs and one of Wander screaming. They come after the Phineas and Ferb promo in the Lyra Hooves recording.

Wanders pet being swag

We also posted a longer “The Pet” preview yesterday.

When Wander and Sylvia board an abandoned spaceship, they encounter a horrifying alien monster that is set on eating them. While Sylvia sees the wild beast as a threat, Wander takes a liking to the ferocious little monster and tries to train it to be his pet. —Disney Channel press release

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