Seeds of Kindness 3 Charity Fundraiser

Seeds of KindnessAs some of you already know, I’m also a part of Bronies for Good and Your Siblings. Today we’re launching the third Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraiser, which we hope will continue the year-long Seeds of Kindness tradition of raising tens of thousands for Your Siblings projects for children in need in Uganda and Burundi.

The fundraiser is centered in the pony fandom, but I do think all the do-gooders of our vibrant fandom here could also leave their mark in our top donor list, the donor comments, and the chat, eh?

This is where—at 4 p.m. EDT today—we will premiere our charity album A Beautiful Heart with 38 exclusive tracks from pony musicians. Every donor can download it alongside Soldat Pony’s album Before These Mighty Skies and our three previous charity albums. Feel free to join our chat with the musicians!

How about you donate as “Wander,” “Sylvia,” or even “Lord Hater”? If you put the code {3f52188099} in your comment, you can even pool your donations in the name of Wander—you’ll make him proud!

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