Thank You or Mini Wanderer Census

The Team Behind Wander News Says Thankies for 500 Followers

Since the aboriginal establishment of this blog sometime before July 25, 2013, multiple sandwiches have been had and stats been generated. I think we can all agree that these last few months have been an interesting thing!

However, we don’t want to be so self-centered as to make a whole post just about ourselves, so what this post really is, is a mini census.

These 500 followers, naturally, are a solid lower bound on the number of wanderers on Tumblr and thus the number of wanderers in total (because, y’know, lower bound)—but there is more!

Have a look below the break for lots uber fluffy stats!

Tumblr Stats

I actually had to write a little script to get all our notes since July 25 from Tumblr, but it worked out fluffily, so here is more census data. Please note that this includes my reblogs, so it’s about wanderers in general and not so much just Wander News.


  • 8,854 notes from unique Tumblr wanderers
  • 6,409 reblogs

Top 10 Notespeople

And this is where the name-calling begins. You are of course all followers of “note,” but some of you have been especially diligent spreading the glad tidings of Wander and Sylvia’s advent!

1. brighteronthesunnyside 119
2. dfanshow 108
3. ovarianeruption 99
4. ariel-the-lion 90
5. codythemaverick 85
6. kickstartaholic 79
7. whethervane 74
8. xxninja-katxx 70
9. taylorthecartoongirl 63
10. murdercide626 59

Top 10 Rebloggers

1. codythemaverick 57
2. dfanshow 54
3. brighteronthesunnyside 53
4. idishido 44
5. ovarianeruption 41
6. ariel-the-lion 39
7. whethervane 29
8. sassyzbornak 27
9. sallytheponylover 24
10. hickory-tickory-tock 23

Visitor Stats


One of the first things I did—apart from my life prior to Wander News—was to set up Google Analytics. Since July 25, we’ve had upwards of 5,800 “unique visitors” on the domain itself (not counting everyone who only read our posts on the tags or their dashboard). This number, however, is notoriously unreliable, as Google can only in same cases recognize visitors who access the page from different devices or clear their cookies.


Aight, that’s it. Enough stats for now. Thanks, everyone!

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