“The Good Deed” Concept Art by Bryan Arnett



Bryan Arnett, character designer for the show, has again published previously unreleased character designs for “The Good Deed.” A quick scroll through the Production tag will take you to his previous sets. He comments:

Hefferumph (I think thats spelled correctly) and an Alien in tuxedo.

There we have the canonical spelling, in case you wanted to start an ask blog.

Update 2013-10-01: He has published another set of four pieces of concept art, including one model by Craig McCracken. I’ve added them above.

Update 2013-10-02: And two ore sets of two plus one images! So “graknor” seems to be what that critter is called.

Update 2013-10-03: He published two more sets entitled “Pig People” and “Hungry…creature.

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