The Korean Dub

Wander Over Yonder

Of the Korean dub I was only able to find the intro, but of that there are two recordings. If you are aware of any other excerpts from the Korean show, I can add them to the playlist after the break. Thanks to Toby Tobester and Hadamsj for uploading these.

Hadamsj just pointed out to me that there are two episodes on the Korean Disney website. I hope I found the right link. Curiously Google seems to translate Wander’s Korean name (“완다의”?) as “Wanda.” I support that. (There used to be an apropos  Tumblr here. Oh well.)

  • Anonymous

    They always leave the “created by” in English.

    • Waterclam

      Some countries (like Latin America or Brazil) began translating Created by with Wander Over Yonder. Some have been doing it since Gravity Falls though, but hey, what do I know.