The Lonely Planet

Here we go, the “The Lonely Planet; The Brainstorm” episode guide, thanks to Spazz!

Here’s the HD download link.

A planet named Janet becomes obsessed with Wander; Peepers tries to brainstorm an invasion plan. —Zap2it

Too many pancakes; Commander Peepers needs more sandwiches. —Frank Angonis

  • Anonymous

    One word: Banjo. XD

    • Wander Over Yonder is awesome

      Banjo banjo banjo banjo banjo banjo banjooooooo XD

    • Are there already like Krav Maga vs. banjo videos on YouTube?

  • Marsha Milan Londoh

    Telofy, do you agree with me that that planet was being so rude and that 10:09-10:21 was the best scene ever?

    • She was uncontrolled. Things that are uncontrolled scare me. But that’s what loneliness does to you I guess.

    • Marsha Milan Londoh

      10:09-10:21 still!

  • Clip 1:
    Janet: Mountain high?
    Valley low?
    What was that other one?
    Oh, yes!
    Goodbye, Sylvia!
    Clip 2:
    Janet: Sylvia, Sylvia, SYLVIA!
    Do you know what Sylvia did? She left!
    Wander: She would never!
    Janet: Yes! She left you here! And now it’s just you and me, Wander!
    Clip 3:
    Sylvia: If getting lava balled by a jealous planet is how we go out, buddy, well, I’m just glad we’re doing it together!
    Wander: I couldn’t agree more! I love ya, Sylvia!
    Sylvia: You too, Wander! You too!
    (Janet stops and cries)
    Wander: What happened?
    Sylvia: Who the grop cares?! Let’s get outta here!
    Gosh, Telofy, you jack me up!

  • Anonymous

    Telofy, can these videos/episodes play on other mobile devices? Because mine can’t.

    • Confirmed. In my Android Firefox the audio plays but the video is distorted beyond recognition, and the Tumblr app doesn’t even try to play it. I don’t think there’s anything I can do about that. :-/

  • Anonymous

    me: ._. ……… how did that happened

  • Jobelle Crayman

    Wander: I love ya, Sylvia!
    Sylvia: You too, Wander! You too!
    Me: -screams and starts crying-
    Janet: Jobelle…
    Me: Leave them alone!
    Sylvia: C’mon, let’s go.

  • Marsha Milan Londoh

    (Laughs nonstop) Okay, reason to love this show: Sylvia. That’s that. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    The Lonely Planet was so weird and creepy. I still have that house full of pictures of Wander in my head. *shivers*