Well if you haven’t caught on by the slow onslaught of Steven Universe graphics, the new series from Cartoon Network will be joining our lineup of animation news this year. New episodes for Universe begin next Monday (01/13/2013 @ 8pm est) with ep 108 – Serious Steven. Wander Over Yonder also returns this Friday @ 9pm est with ep 113 – The Ball. And now for the ratings report from StatManDan.

With Wander Over Yonder returning on Friday night and Steven Universe coming back the following Monday, it’s time to see how both of these shows have fared in viewership thus far and eventually to see if their over-month long hiatus from new episodes will affect them.

First a word of caution with both shows, if either is covered in the ratings as 30 minutes in length (even if it’s two shorts), then the whole 30 minutes will be counted one episode. Likewise, if it’s 15 minutes, then that will be counted as one episode. All numbers come from the Son of the Bronx (http://sonofthebronx.blogspot.com) website which posts weekly viewership from Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and the Hub Network.

For Wander Over Yonder, it went off to a flying start when it officially debuted on September 13th drawing over 3 million viewers. A sneak preview of “The Picnic” the previous month drew over 2.8 million viewers. Only three times since then, though, has it drawn over 2.5 million. One episode, “The Box,” dipped below 2 million. Wander usually follows the live-action shows Jesse and Dog with a Blog on Friday nights which are regularly in the top 15 among Disney Channel shows.Wander himself had made four top ten appearances on the Disney Channel chart. When compared to other cartoons on Disney, Wander was tops at the beginning, but has recently been behind episode of Sofia the First.

Wander Over Yonder Season 1:

Episodes as of January 6th: 11
High: 3,126,000 (“The Greatest”/”The Egg”, 9/13/13)
Low: 1,905,000 (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
Average Viewership: 2,471,000
Highest Placing: 5th (“The Picnic”, 8/16/13)
Lowest Placing: 72nd (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
Average Placing: 20th
Next episode is on January 10th.

Steven Universe comes back after a six-week hiatus on January 13th. Steven has four half-hours and a 15-minute episode to his name and has hovered between 1.5 and 1.8 million on Cartoon Network on Monday nights which is respectable considering it goes up against the first half hour of WWE RAWSteven Universe follows the #1-program on Cartoon Network in Regular Show who more often than not finishes ahead of Adventure Time. It’s been two fourths, two tenths, and an eighth place for Steven on the Cartoon Network chart. The rub should continue as both Adventure Time and Regular Show are billed as new on the 13th.

Steven Universe Season 1:

Episodes as of January 6th: 5
High: 1,861,000 (“Gem Glow”/”Laser Light Cannon”, 11/4/13)
Low: 1,522,000 (“Frybo”, 11/18/13)
Average Viewership: 1,676,200
Highest Placing: 4th (twice)
Lowest Placing: 10th (twice)
Average Placing: 7th
Next episode is on January 13th.

Please note that all figures count just first-run episodes of both series.


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