The Ratings Corner – Wander Over Yonder: The Ball


So how did Wander Over Yonder do after a six-week break between new episodes? “The Ball” was certainly dropped here. It drew 2.037M viewers which is the 2nd-lowest for a first-run episode this season. It’s 38th place ranking among Disney Channel shows is its 2nd lowest as well. While it did do better than a new episode of Phineas and Ferb (1.75M) which aired immediately after, it was well below Disney’s current top toon Sofia the First (2.555M for a Sat AM showing). It also was behind a late night offering of Gravity Falls.

Wander Over Yonder Season 1:
  • Episodes as of January 17th:  12
  • High:  3,126,000 (“The Greatest”/”The Egg”, 9/13/13)
  • Low:  1,905,000 (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
  • Average Viewership:  2,434,833
  • Highest Placing:  5th (“The Picnic”, 8/16/13)
  • Lowest Placing:  72nd (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
  • Average Placing:  22nd

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