One particularly fluffy hairy spoon has put up a recording of “The Tourist.” In a few weeks, it’ll surely also go up on iTunes and YayPonies in perfect HD. Until then, enjoy this copy.

When Wander meets an elder tourist who has seen more of the universe than he has, he becomes ultra-competitive and abandons Sylvia in an attempt to outdo the tourist. Guest starring is Edie McClurg (Disney’s Frozen) as the tourist Trudy Traveler.

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  • DaCobbler

    “The Tourist” will be released on iTunes with “The Fancy Party” which means “The Toddler” will be released later even though it airs before “The Fancy Party” but that’s because the scheduling was done by people who were all three kinds of crazy and iTunes refusing to sell 11 minute episodes.

    • Jalane Milan

      (Raises eyebrows) What? “The Fancy Party” sounds so annoying as well as “The Toddler”. That’s strange…
      Explain if you need to. I’m not pushing you.

      • Marsha Milan

        Oh, well. But seriously, why are they showing WOY on iTunes?

  • Marsha Milan Londoh

    10:55-11:01 Sylvia! Oh my GOSH!
    Telofy, SERIOUSLY! That is always my favorite part! Do you want me to faint?! (Laughs)

    • Fainting is optional. :-)

      • Marsha Milan


    • Marsha Milan Londoh

      Did you see that part? I just wanted to hug her!

  • Marsha Milan Londoh

    There was an error. My previous comment will show up after this. Hahaha, sorry

  • Garson: One (whatever he said), ONE straw.
    Wander: Better make it two.
    Sylvia: Wander!
    Wander: Sylvia, I am SO sorry. I got all caught up in being THE MOST TRAVELED TOURIST IN ALL THE UNIVERSE! But, I forgot the reason I love wandering in the first place. The roses you stop and smell aren’t as sweet without your best pal to smell ’em with you.
    Sylvia (tearing up): Aw, man, what are you trying to do to me with all that sappy sappiness?! Garson, one more straw!
    MAN, Telofy, you just made my new favorite episode even better!

    • What did I do? ^^

    • You flarfin made a guide, man! Geez, hahaha.

    • Marsha Milan

      My fave episode too. 10:55-11:01 is so amazing!

  • It was sad when he abandoned her, I wanted to bawl.
    But 10:55-11:01 made this a great episode!

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    Dang it, you!

    • What errors do you see?

    • It says that it looks like you’ve already said what you said, and you gotta make another comment for it to show up.

    • Telofy

      Le testing.

    • Telofy

      It seems to work for me even when I’m logged out. :-P

      Maybe it’s the double posting, that it somehow gets filtered and one of my fluffy colleagues unfilters it, but then this comment should get filtered too.

  • Sylvia Adams

    “Ooh, there’s a spa!”
    “The temple of Bakalaka Bing Bong blah blah blah”
    “Aw, man, what are you trying to do to me with all that sappy sappiness?!”
    We love you, Syl!

    • Marsha Milan

      Everybody does.

  • WanderAintMyThing

    9:12 I’m starting to hate Wander even worse.
    10:55-11:01 Awhaw, Sylvia!
    It’s funny how they kept pulling the float back and forth! XD

  • WanderAintMyThing

    Does anyone else hate WordPress errors?

  • Anonymous

    What’s Edie McClurg’s role on Frozen?

    • Marsha Milan

      Gerda, whoever that is.

  • Marsha Milan

    Why can’t I get 10:55-11:01 outta my head?

    • Marsha Milan

      The way her voice sounded and the tears in her eyes…it gets me every time!!!!! (sobs)

      • Aisha Marie Garcia

        Don’t cry, Marsha. Although it is very easy to cry over something heartwarming, just like 10:55-11:01 in this video, I can’t have you cry. You’re one of my good friends in real life and I can’t bear to see my friends upset. When I saw 10:55-11:01 I cried a little, but I stopped after about a minute.