Hollywood Reporter on April Winchell, Jack McBrayer, and Craig McCracken at D23

Kimberly Nordyke just published an article on Wander Over Yonder at D23 for Hollywood Reporter. The article quotes April Winchell, Jack McBrayer, and Craig McCracken several times, revealing, among other details, that Jack McBrayer is rather new to the combination of genre, target demographic, and event, and had been uncertain about what he has to expect at D23; that Jack has long been yearning for a chance to work on a project by Lauren and Craig; and that he may not have the greatest confidence in his abilities as singer, something that April disputes.

Then the actors also had a chance to state their take on their characters. For Jack McBrayer, Wander is “a happy-go-lucky space traveler who sometimes gets himself into trouble because of his optimism and/or his naïveté but somehow always lands on his feet with the help of his more cynical sidekick, Sylvia.” April Windchell described Sylvia as “a butt-kicking, outer-space blue horse, a mixed martial artist and the voice of reason.”

She also observed that “It’s really difficult to be funny without being cruel, and there is just not one cruel bone in this show’s body. … It’s positive, upbeat, friendly and funny. That’s a very difficult thing to do.”

Apart from these tidbits, Craig reiterated a few points from his earlier interview with Animation Magazine, in particular about the conception of characters and show. He adds:

We always try to have really simple themes. … We don’t want to be too heavy-handed; it’s a comedy show first. Wander will learn the right way to do something, but if it’s Lord Hater’s story, he’ll make the wrong decision. It’s more about watching the villain make the wrong mistakes and having to pay for it, whereas Wander comes in and makes the correct choices and wins.

Read the full article here. (See also my previous post for some more photos.)

PS: It says “Video” in the title. Does anyone see any kind of embedded video?

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