Composers, Casting, and Miscellaneous Crew

As mentioned in the previous posts, Disney’s fact sheet, IMDb (whatever their source may have been), and the various parties themselves reveal or allege a list of talent involved in the production of Wander Over Yonder.

As proper, albeit prospective, fans, we can’t allow these people to languish at the level of just a fewscore Twitter or Tumblr followers. Hence, I’m publishing this series of posts throughout this week to promote their blogs and social media outlets. Follow away!

This list is necessarily far from compete, but to not unnecessarily curtail its comprehense, I’ll also mention those who don’t maintain such outlets (yet) or haven’t published them where we could find them.

Finally, the fifth and for now last part in the series, devoted to music, casting, and other members of the crew.

imageAndy Bean is the composer for Wander Over Yonder, and being half of the The Two Man Gentlemen Band (also represented on Twitter and Facebook), these two quaint fellows also performed the theme song of the show.

From the image below, it should be clear who Andy Bean is and who, by inference, Fuller Condon.

Because Any is the Wandery one, however, here the pertaining section from the press section of their website.

imageOver the band’s six previous albums, Andy Bean, singer, tenor guitarist & banjoist, and principal songwriter for the band, has developed a knack for writing “smart, funny, sharp-rhyming songs that put them in the company of classics like Louis Jordon and Louis Prima.” (Boston Phoenix) His ten originals on Two at a Time continue in that vein. Foods, beverages, and generally having a good time are the dominant themes.

Now please excuse my more concise style of introduction for the casting crew, who I know much less about.

  • Sara Goldberg, casting director
  • Lauren Rondou (possibly @Tattoome505), casting assistant
  • Jennifer Trujillo, casting coordinator
  • David Wright, executive in charge of casting

Finally, there is also Lakeitcha Thomas, press contact at Disney Channel.

This concludes my series on the crew behind Wander Over Yonder, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more of them soon!

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