Concept Art from “The Fugitives” by Bryan Arnett

Once again Bryan Arnett has a gift of concept art for us. The character designer (see this list of “The Picnic” credits) already gifted us with concept art from “The Picnic” and more artwork from “The Egg.”

A major mystery for me all along has been whether the episode numbers in the file names describe the single episodes or the full, doubly fun, doubled-up double episodes. “The Picnic” was 104, “The Egg” 101, and “The Fugitives” 102. This question still eludes me. Although “The Egg” and “The Fugitives” would both fit the doubled-up model, the scene numbers span 13 to 180—from the nonslob to ickified Sylvia—so it doesn’t seem like another episode could’ve fit before. Then again that other episode would’ve been “The Picnic,” which we can be pretty sure was moved around anyway.

Bryan Arnett hasn’t replied to my comment either, so I’m completely in the dark here, but I would slightly tend towards believing that they describe the double episodes and that “The Fugitives” used to be a first episode of such a pair.

I’ve added the insightful file names as captions to the images. The “p” means “panel,” which you can glean from the smaller images at the top of the drawings. Thanks to acolderindigo for the tip.

(I’ve added the two images from Bryan’s second “The Fugitives” posts.)

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