Craig McCracken and Andy Bean Interviewed by Variety 411

Marjorie Galas of Variety 411 has published an article based  on an interview with Craig McCracken and Andy Bean that touches on a number of new aspects of the history of the show as well as the production and specifically scoring process that we haven’t had the pleasure to read about yet.

Aware of the show’s goal to entertain, Bean is focused on emphasizing the comic timing.  The instrumentation is never crafted with funny sounds or gags, rather, it’s staged in a way to set up the jokes and provide a beat to allow the writing and the characters to emphasize the humor.  Initially the process took Bean up to six weeks to score an episode.  However, he has become more practiced, completing a score within two weeks.

“I don’t work from a complete idea, I’m more like Wander.  I just have fun, and weasel my way out of tight spots,” said Bean. “I don’t even have a jug!  I make jug sounds with my mouth.  Maybe it would be easier if I got one, what do you think?”

Thanks to Andy Bean’s band for the heads-up.

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