Craig McCracken Interviewed on Tomorrow Will Be Televised

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Tune in at about minute 32 for a Wander Over Yonder interview with Craig McCracken!

  1. The (winning) pitch for the show at the end of 2010.
  2. In Wander Over Yonder, Craig wanted to concentrate on the characters (as he has said in earlier interviews) in the spirit of some classic cartoons.
  3. A caller asked him about the perceived parallels with Doctor Who. He sees them too, but they were not intended.
  4. Working for Disney is exciting but also a bit intimidating because of the legacy he has to live up to.
  5. Wander is a “positive disrupter.” :‑)
  6. He doesn’t think of the juxtaposition of Wander and Lord Hater so much as one of good and evil than one between love and hate (as Lauren Faust has said before).
  7. They had very specific ideas for the music, hence why Andy Bean got the job.
  8. He likes the contrast of “crazy sci-fi action with banjos and kazoos” a lot.
  9. He treats music as another character on his shows.
  10. The combination of Lauren’s heart with Craig’s humor is what makes the show’s magic.
  11. He leans on her to make sure there is a core truth and a lesson in the shows, and then he adds the jokes and comedy.
  12. While Lauren worked on MLP, she also shared her ideas with Craig for feedback and vice versa.

Thanks to ILDC for the submission!

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