Disney Channel Photo Contest with Neat Little Assets


While we’re on the general topic of things, pipsqueakzenith noticed that Disney Channel has published a Facebook app that allows you partake in a contest for being featured on their wall. Codythemaverick kindly informed me of this development.

More importantly, it contains a series of really neat little images that ask to be superimposed on all sorts of photos, not just on Facebook. As another extra, they’ve thrown in some frames and quotes.

By the way, they have a rule against unhealthy food (“Do not include unhealthy foods in your photos (no soda, no candy)”) but none against submitting documentation of your latest Fear and Loathing reenactment.

I just noticed the Cutie Mark Crusaders or “CMC” reference in the header image. Lovely! (Even though I’m probably imagining it.)

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