New Episode Title: “The Good Deed”

Zap2it has published the title of another new episode, “The Good Deed,” set to air on September 26, 2013. Unfortunately, we don’t have a synopsis yet. (Anyone up for some speculation?)

The dates appear to be less regular than usual, which suggests that either there are more single-episode previews or the dates should be taken with a grain of salt. At the time of my writing this, Zap2it gives the following (chronological) lineup.

  1. “The Picnic” (102a) on August 16
  2. “The Greatest” (101a) and “The Egg” (101b) on September 13
  3. “The Greatest” (101a) on September 16
  4. “The Egg” (101b) on September 17
  5. “The Fugitives” (102b) on September 20
  6. “The Picnic” (102a) and “The Fugitives” (102b) on September 21
  7. “The Good Deed” on September 27

I put “102b” in italics as I extrapolated it from its position relative to episode 102a, “The Picnic.” In some cases, the broadcast order can diverge from the production order.

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