The Bad Guy

Is it possible that the episode wasn’t leaked? Woohoo! Or did I just miss it? However that may be, our 360p recording of “The Bad Guy”—written by Ben Joseph, storyboarded by Riccardo Durante—is embedded after the break. (Or above if you read this on Tumblr.)

Typically, I would insert a synopsis here, but it doesn’t look like an official one has been released. Let’s just say: “The Bad Guy,” wherein Wander wears a mustache. Damn that ending was awesome. For a moment there I wasn’t sure whether they’d be able to pull off yet another good twist, but pull it off they did.

Also check iTunes to see whether they released their version. YayPonies will then quickly reupload it sans DRM.

Now we have a one-week (or rather one-Friday) break, and then we have “The Troll,” “The Box,” and “The Hat” waiting for us!

  • Noah Arce

    every time I try to download the 1080p rip file it always puts it on windows movie maker live and says I can’t access the video unless I put the file om my hard drive and then on movie maker’s file. I tried doing so but what keeps popping up is a thumbnail with a warning sign and seven second long black screen, if someone can how to give clear instruction on what I need to do in order for the file to work, then thank you!

    • Sounds like a problem with this Windows Movie Maker Live. Try to not use it. ^^ There are lots of good video players, for example, VLC or mplayer.

  • Anonymoose

    Every time I watch one of the “Spazz” 1080p files (Using VLC) it has these horrible scrolling scan lines, then about two or three minutes in it begins to have glitchy artifacts until the visuals finally wind up freezing solid for a good few seconds or so. Is there really nobody else who can provide these rips? I’ve not been able to complete a viewing of any Spazz MKVs.

    • Maybe some sort of obscure codec issue? I’ve been watching them with mplayer, but I just installed VLC and it’s just as pretty as always.

  • Pahey

    It won’t let me unmute. :(

    • Ariel


  • Pahey

    Never mind, it’s good now.

  • Bubblegum

    That was really fun! I was expecting a WoY equivalent of ‘No Weenies Allowed’, which would have been entertaining in it’s own right, but this certainty took the synopsis interestingly. I love Wander’s bad guy alter-ego, and how it always suddenly disappeared when he took the moustache off, and the dinosaur noises were great XD. Certainly didn’t see the twist at the end coming either , and it was definitely worth the pay-off :P