“The Troll”

So we survived the so-called hiatus, or at least those of us who read these lines survived it. This week, Disney Channel has a mysterious new episode in store for us that has hardly been teased—not even nine seconds in the first promo and possibly a few more frames in the Wander Guide to the Galaxy one (the voiceover says “Wander’s Guide,” but I don’t see the possessive in the written version).

Here the official synopsis according to a Disney Channel press release:

Wander and Sylvia help Prince Cashmere and his goat warriors of Baaaaa-halla to defend themselves against a menacing troll.

iTunes/YayPonies have put up their full HD versions as well.

  • Miki

    Mine isn’t working.
    it still has the technical derpiculities.

    • Aw, that shoudn’t happen. Are you using Firefox, and do you have any addons activated that may be causing it? I’m also using Firefox 24, so that should be the best-supported platform as it were. ;-)

    • GirlaPH

      I downloaded it just fine. You just have to right-click and hit save as. You might have Firefox, since it could’ve been a problem nor you might need an add-on, what Telofy mentioned.

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