Jack McBrayer Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly

Hillary Busis of Entertainment Weekly just published an interview with Jack McBrayer! She also included the above “exclusive clip” in preparation for the official premiere this Friday. (But as you will know, you can watch it here.)

Which classic characters inspired McBrayer’s latest performance—and what’s the secret to his unflagging energy? Find out in our interview below.

After reading and hearing so much about his seminal meeting with Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust in various interviews with Craig, it’s interesting to also read his take on the story. Mostly, however, his enthusiastic personality is something I’d like to nibble on for time to time.

Yeah, the show has this crazy, antic tone—how do you keep your energy up? It seems like it must be exhausting to perform this character.

[laughs] Diet. Mountain. Dew. And that is not a lie. You can ask anybody. I turn into like, a toddler who needs a nap after awhile. Sometimes I’m just like, running in place to be energetic. But for the most part, the way they write it makes it just so fun. They are very careful and considerate, and they’ll save most of my screaming stuff for the end of the [recording] session.

What are you hoping that kids will take away from the show?

Well, for one thing, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being nice. There is nothing uncool about it; there’s nothing wrong with being kind. Not that kids are just being bombarded with sarcastic comedy, but I think it’s important—and I kind of lean that way myself. Also, I hope they laugh!

Check it out; it’s a fun read!

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