The above image was published a few days ago by The Hub, who seems to be ramping up their season 4 hype. It wasn’t quite newsy enough to warrant it’s own post, but Alpha brony and Five Iron mentioned this image in the episode, so it’s a good fit here. They also plugged SandyCon and RommelCon!

The primary focus of the episode, however, is of course their interview with Lauren Faust that happened when she joined their Mane6 interview at roughly minute 37. Such an interview doesn’t just require a timely post, it also requires both Derpy News categories, My Little Pony and Wander Over Yonder.

Ohmygosh!Ohmygosh!OHMYGOSH! Have we got an episode for you. What started out as a really cool episode to begin with, with us interview Mane6 to talk about the rebirth of Fighting is Magic, turns into an unexpected surprise when Lauren Faust joins our panel with Cyril The Wolf, Decibelle, Calcos, and Robby to discuss her involvement with the game and her time while working on Friendship is Magic.

Thanks to Frith below in the comments for this great summary of the interview!