After “The Ball” earlier today, Zap2it has now published yet another episode title: “The Bounty” on January 26, 2014.

This may be the one Greg White mentioned a few months ago in response to the question “Can you say what was the Wander Over Yonder episode Matt Chapman helped write?” That would also settle the authorship question that is hopefully always foremost on our minds until we get to see the credits.

I thiiiiiiiink it was called The Bounty Hunter? It was over a year ago that we wrote it so my memory is a little shaky. But having Matt in the office was amazing. Homestar Runner is one of my all-time favorite things, and has always been a huge influence on the things I do.

Fanfic-inator795 pointed out that both new episodes appear to air on a Sunday. These dates have very occasionally been incorrect before on Zap2it, but since both pages say Sunday for their respective episodes, it seems less likely. We don’t know the time yet, so it may not be in the evening or the middle of the night anymore.

  • Applecobbler

    Ugh, that would suck if they aired on Sundays next year. WoY’s my entertainment for the weekends ever since FiM was absent AND now happens to be released on Mondays via iTunes now. Saturday nights wont be as fun anymore :(

    I hate mondays…