New Episode Titles and Dates “The Troll” and “The Box”

For all of you who’ve been saying that Wander is “such a troll,” Zap2it has a real troll for you. Or maybe it’s Wander after all—or Sylvia? There’s not yet any sort of synopsis.

So far it only says “Wander Over Yonder: The Troll” (Friday, November 1, 2013) and “Wander Over Yonder: The Bad Guy; The Troll” (Friday, November 2, 2013).

“The Box” (Friday, November 15, 2013) is not entirely new as Craig McCracken already synopsized the episode in an interview with TV Equals:

No two episodes of [Wander Over Yonder] are really alike. Sometimes the Wander-Hater episode feel a little more Bugs Bunny–like, but then sometimes we might do an episode about Wander’s curiosity. We have an episode coming up called “The Box.” [Wander] is a nice guy, and so he agrees to deliver a box to somebody, but the rule is you can’t open the box. So it’s 11 minutes of Wander’s curiosity just being tested to the limits: Can he open this box, and will he do it? And you kind of just want to see what will happen when he’s pushed that way.

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