“The Picnic” Among Top 5 in Kids 2–11

Disney just released the TV ratings for September 2–8, and the Saturday broadcast of “The Picnic” ranked fifth among all of the week’s telecasts!

Disney Channel delivered the week’s Top 8 TV telecasts in Kids 2–11, Top 25 TV telecasts in Kids 6–11 (37 of 40 – Top 5 below) and Top 9 cable TV telecasts in Tweens (Top 5 below). [Emphasis added]

If you are not familiar with the abbreviations in the table (and neither were I), here the explanation right from the Nielsen’s mouth:

US AA% (Total Rating Point)

The rating for the VOD content during the selected interval expressed as a percentage of the Total US. This episode of Program B received a rating of .73 for P18–49 during this measurement interval.

Average Audience Projection/Impression/(000)

The rating expressed in numeric rather than percent form.

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