Potential Songs in Wander Over Yonder


I remember reading that Craig McCracken mentioned Wander Over Yonder would have songs in some of the episodes? I think someone had asked him on DeviantArt…don’t really have a proper source for this oops. But I imagine lots of bluegrass.

If someone can confirm this, that’d be amazing.

I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of music in the show.

For one, Andy Bean’s band, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, wrote on their Facebook page, in the context of the title song, that “Andy Bean is writing all the music for the show, too! So there’s much more to come!” In that context, it doesn’t sound like they were “only” referring to scoring (which is certainly one of the hardest jobs in animation). It also says on their homepage, in the same context, that “Our very own Andy Bean is composing all the music for the series, so there’ll be lots more where that came from.” “There’ll be” sounds to me like they are referring to individual songs, not score.

Secondly, there is this interview with Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust from San Diego Comic-Con 2012, where Craig mentions from 4:07 onward that already while writing and boarding the show, he’s been listing to a lot of music similar to the “sci-fi bluegrass” and “sci-fi jug band” (if I understood that correctly) that they’re doing for the show. The score is done after the animation, long after writing and boarding, so he’s quite definitely referring to songs here (probably including the title sequence though).

Update: Confirmation below!

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