Premiere Party, Zbornak, Eddie Trigueros, and Cool Wander Swag

A few tidbits about the premiere party yesterday have come to light, a premiere party of the Wander Over Yonder crew.

The first is the first picture above that yesterday already circulated on Tumblr and 4chan, albeit then only as photo of a print; second, April Winchell got a cool Wander Over Yonder hoodie; and third, the photo you see above—courtesy Sam Riegel a.k.a. Emperor Awesome—is one of the premiere screening the whole team enjoyed.

Now, let me quote David Gemmill. He did one board for the show before he left, and his job must’ve been stressful, as he mentioned in a Tumblr post he since deleted. His posts are not usually very positive, so this one is doubly significant. (Link mine.)

You all like that WOY sneak peak?

Eddie Trigueros is awesome and should be a household name. He’s my favorite working cartoonist today. All the crazy poses, hilarious acting and all that it’s all him. He posed the shizz out of that cartoon and it turned out great. Appreciate all the work he put into it. :)

Finally, Sylvia’s species is spelled “zbornak,” according to April Winchell. It seems like that name carries some sort of significance that eludes me.

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