Ratings Corner: “The Bounty”

Below Dan’s ratings report on the performance of “The Bounty” based on stats released by Son of the Bronx.

No need to place a bounty on missing viewers for Wander Over Yonder. “The Bounty” rounded up 2.286 million viewers which was good for 20th place among programming on the Disney Channel. It is a 12.2% increase over “The Ball” from two weeks ago. Sofia the First continues to be the top toon on Disney as a Sunday offering drew 2.45M viewers. The program Wander follows on Friday nights, Dog with a Blog, was the top show on Disney for the week (2.895M). Wander also beat out Phineas and Ferb on Friday night by 57,000 viewers.

Wander Over Yonder Season 1:
Episodes as of January 31st:  13
High:  3,126,000 (“The Greatest”/”The Egg”, 9/13/13)
Low:  1,905,000 (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
Average Viewership:  2,423,385
Highest Placing:  5th (“The Picnic”, 8/16/13)
Lowest Placing:  72nd (“The Box”, 11/15/13)
Average Placing:  22nd
The next new episode for Wander is on February 21st (“The Hero”).
StatManDan (Twitter:  @StatManDan)

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