Script Snippets, Character Descriptions, and Concept Art

Several script snippets—selected to portray character traits—potentially from upcoming Wander Over Yonder episodes, character descriptions, and polished concept art are listed on a website Alison linked in this post of hers. Many thanks!

Judging from the URL, it seem to be a page maintained by casting director Sara Goldberg (see the Cast and Crew tag for more information). It also contains the same data for several Gravity Falls characters and a number more that I can’t readily place.

The documents are organized by character. From Wander Over Yonder we get the following four, all except for the Sylvia one created on March 14, 2011, by “[Disney] Television Animation.” The document on Sylvia is from April 12, 2012. All were uploaded to the server on December 4, 2012.

  • Lord Hater
  • Commander Peepers (sergeant at the time)
  • Sylvia
  • Wander

Everything below the break.


Lord Hater

Upon first meeting him, Lord Hater fulfills every expectation one would have of the universe’s most loathsome intergalactic overlord bent on total domination. Large, imposing and powerful. Terrifying, heartless and cruel. He wields a deep booming voice that inspires fear and terror in the souls of all who hear it. However, and quite surprisingly, should anyone manage to get under his non‐existent skin, they will find the snarky, entitled heart of an immature, tantrum‐throwing teenager—but with the same deep booming voice. As it turns out, Hater’s bid to take over the galaxy is fueled by a deep emotional need to feel important. Perhaps his mother didn’t love him enough. Perhaps he had an older brother who was a bully. Perhaps in high school the jocks picked on him and the cheerleaders laughed at him for being a walking skeleton—who knows? For certainly all those big, fat, mean jerks have been destroyed by now. Lord Hater’s acting will have to constantly switch between a very believable scourge of the universe to an equally believable (not mocking) overly sensitive, emo teenager.

Villianous/self important: I AM LORD HATER!!! The most feared, evil ruler in all the galaxy!! I have mangled the minds of millions! I have tempted forth torrential tides of tears! I have crushed the courage of countless kings! I have reduced the richest of republics to rubble and ruin! And I have done all of this because I am the GREATEST IN ALL THE GALAXY!!

Whiny/bratty/tantrum‐my: IT’S NOT FAIR!!! I should have won the trophy! I’m the GREATEST IN THE GALAXY!! You guys are just a bunch of… of… of MEANY MEANERSONS!! I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!

Irate/snotty: Seriously Peepers did you see that??!! I mean seriously, they like totally wrecked my ship. It’s ruined! I mean look at this. It’s totaled. I am so mad right now I could just scream!!

Insecure/sensitive: Ah jeez, who am I kidding? I’m such a failure. Nobody fears me. Nobody loathes me. They’re just saying that to make me feel better. Grop, I’m such a loser.

Evil Laugh: WA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!


Commander (Sergeant) Peepers

Sgt. Peeper’s could easily give Napoleon a run for his famous complex. Short, squishy and cute, Peepers would have taken over the universe well before his boss, Lord Hater, did, if it were not for his adorable stature. A brilliant tactician and a ruthless commander, it would have been easy—if only he could be taken seriously. His intelligence, penchant for engineering and inventing, along with his nasally, weasely voice and often nerdy demeanor doesn’t help. To compensate, Peepers has developed a MASSIVELY short temper. He can turn on you at a moment’s notice for only the slightest offense. In fact, he’s so quick to have a coronary, he comes across as cartoonishly bi‐polar. When he’s not on the verge of an aneurism from screaming, he may be calm and calculating, reflecting on the pleasantries of war making, and even congratulating his men on a job well done. The only being spared Peeper’s rage is Lord Hater. With much effort, Peeper’s manages to hold his tongue with his childish leader, holding his hand and coddling him even when he’s making the stupidest calls.

Sly/intimidating: Well, well, well if it isn’t Wander and Sylvia, Lord Hater and I have been looking for you two idiots for a very long time.

Losing temper/having a coronary/Bi‐polar: (angry) WHAT?!! WHAT IS IT BOB!?! (to self) Unconquered Planet? How could that… Huh. Whattaya know ’bout that. Thought we got ‘em all. (maniacal) WELL WE’LL SURE TURN THEIR FROWNS UPSIDE DOWN!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Seething/trying to hold back temper: Yes, your… royal heinousness. I think that’s a… fantastic… idea. It sure is a good thing that you thought of it and… not… me… I am but your humble… stupid… servant.

Commanding: Yes! That’s it my obedient Watch Dogs, that’s it! Keep on the lookout for anything you see that could threaten or strengthen our power!! See
what you will see and report back to me and we will continue to be the most FEARED FORCE IN THE GALAXY!!



Sylvia does not consider herself a pessimist, she considers herself a realist. Though she’s strong enough, tough enough and capable enough to be one of the galaxies greatest vigilantes, her belief that no good deed ever goes unpunished keeps her constantly mumbling and grumbling under her breath every time Wander finds a soft enough spot in her heart to convince her to join him in an act of do-goodery. This constant state of exasperation does not derive from a source of hatred, rather it springs forth from an overwhelming frustration with the mindboggling idiocies of the universe and a clear idea of how things could and should work. In a world of chaos and nonsense where she adventures with an overly impulsive hero, Sylvia is often the only (and irritated) voice of reason and logic. In order to relate to her, it’s important to capture her frustration and pessimism while avoiding a voice that sounds too harsh or off-putting. Her sarcastic comments should be a source of comedy and not one of disdain.

Irritated/sarcastic: I told you, Wander, I told you this place looked like bad news! But did you listen? No, you were all (imitating Wander) “let’s go look at that neato skull ship! Maybe there’s nice folks there!” What about now? Think they’re nice now?

Sarcastically complaining to self while kicking ass: Oh great the idiotic door won’t open when you push the flargin’ button Well would you lookit that, a swarm of (punching) Watchdogs that want to destroy me! What’s this? THE GROP DERNED, SHIP IS EXPLODING!! HOORAY!

Reluctantly giving in: Oh… all right, ya sappy bean pole. You can have ONE more—just stop it with those disgustingly adorable puppy dog eyes before I blorf.

Nervous/apologetic: Heh heh. Sorry Lord Hater we’ll find it, promise! Heh, never knew skeletons could loose their skulls so easily, heh.

Trying not to laugh: No, no, no, no, It’s not going to work. I don’t care how many hot dogs you can shove in you mout—SERIOUSLY, STOP IT, it’s not funny, IT’S NOT FUNNY!



Wander is, by default, free spirited, easily excited, up beat, happy and optimistic. He is prone to switching gears on a dime, going from laid back and mellow to sudden loud, fast‐talking outbursts of realization. This spiritedness should have a sincere childlike enthusiasm and innocence to it; he should never feel false, phony or insincere. It’s important to avoid casting someone that just does a “crazy cartoon” voice. There should be a warmth and sweetness amidst his manic lunacy.

Friendly/spazzy: WOW! WHAT A NEAT LITTLE TOWN! They got a castle and everything! Is that where the king lives? I never met a king before, I bet he’s nice, he’s gotta be with a town so nice!

Friendly/sympathetic: Aww what’s wrong little fella, why ya’ all down in the dumps? Well your pal Wander’s got just the cure for that right here in my hat—OH, OH what’s this?! WELL IT’S A GREAT BIG HUG!

Laid back: Aaaaaah! This is the life, Sylvia. The sound of the wind through the trees, the warmth of the two suns on your back and your best buddy by your side—or in my case, under your butt.


Laughing: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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