Ways to Watch “The Fugitives” Outside the US

My streaming contacts are either still at work during the time of the premiere or haven’t gotten back to me, so I don’t think that we’ll have a Wander News stream this time, but keep an eye on our stream page just in case. (I can’t stream on account of being in Europe.)

However, there are people who stream Disney Channel generally. Have a look at this iLive search. At the time of my writing this, there is one streamer there who actually streams Disney Channel. Yesterday and also earlier today, however, there were none, and in the morning they streamed Disney Junior instead, so it’s not really reliable. I would’ve embedded one of those on our page, but the sorts of ads they have were an effective deterrent. Don’t download any stuff the ads say you need to watch the stream.

I’ll also add to this post any streams by others that I find or that you link in a comment below. With a little more luck, we may be able to put one together again for the next episode premiere.

Spazz will concentrate on the recording of the show, so we get a timely 1080p download.

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