Many thankies to heyytalia for the heads-up about Disney Channel’s January 2014 Premiere Highlights on Nick and More. The press release features two new synopses!

Friday, January 10
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Wander Over Yonder “The Ball”
(9:00 PM – 9:15 PM ET/PT)

When a giant cosmic dog mistakes a planet and its inhabitants for a ball, Wander tries to help the planet’s people take on the playful pooch.

Friday, January 24
Original Series – Episode Premiere
Wander Over Yonder “The Bounty”
(9:00 PM – 9:15 PM ET/PT)

When Hater hires a crew of bounty hunters to capture Wander and Sylvia, Commanders Peepers tries to thwart their efforts so he can have all the glory to himself.

AC44 pointed out in the comments that both these premieres are two days earlier (and thus on a Friday) than the dates originally reported by Zap2it. We mentioned in one of our posts about the announcements that these dates on Zap2it have been wrong in the past, though only very rarely. It seems that these are such rare cases.

  • AC44

    YES!!! It’s still Friday :D (earlier it was hinted that they would air on January 12th, which is a Sunday… and really I’d prefer it on Fridays). In any case, I’ll consider it a Christmas Gift