“The Bad Guy” Character Designs and Concept Art

This time it’s not Bryan Arnett who posts the first concept art of the upcoming episode but Joe Pitt! I’m looking forward to more such insights after the premiere, and I will add them in this post.

On the above image Joe Pitt commented:

I haven’t posted much of my design work from “Wander Over Yonder,” so here’s some bad guys that were fun to design from this Friday’s episode.

Tonight Bryan Arnett also posted some of his designs on Tumblr; find them below.

Wander with a mustache model sheet.

And even more, only hours before the episode!

Dan’s Gang from The Bad Guy. One of my favorite episodes of the season to work on! Looking forward to watching later on tonight!

And more beautiful images after the episode, courtesy Bryan Arnett. Here a bit of explanation about the zbornakorns:

Another scene that was from The Bad Guy. Was supposed to be male Zbornaks but the scene was cut before it could be approved.

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