The Ball

Good news: Slightly belated but earlier than expected, the 360p version of the episode is in. Find it after the break.

More good news: Do you remember the tiny preview images of “The Ball” and “The Bounty” that I posted a few days ago? I found bigger versions on Getty Images. (Here’s also the Tumblr copy.)

But now back to “The Ball.” Here the synopsis again, as it appeared in a Disney Channel press release.

When a giant cosmic dog mistakes a planet and its inhabitants for a ball, Wander tries to help the planet’s people take on the playful pooch.

  • Derpy

    This was a great episode! Hope you like it,

  • Waterclam


    • Thanks, copy-paste error…

  • BlazeCat

    YES! I knew Tara Strong voiced in this episode!! :D

  • wandring wierdo

    i love this episode ive been looking for it since it aired

  • Sazzy

    Thanks for posting this! :D