For those interested, the series finale of Wander Over Yonder drew an estimated 326,000 viewers last Monday on Disney XD according to Mitch Metcalf of Showbuzz Daily as measured by Nielsen Media Research. The Season Two average was 410,087.

This is show that simply ended too soon. Yes, Gravity Falls ended after only 40 episodes, but the decision to end that show was made by its creator Alex Hirsch. “The End of the Galaxy” hardly felt like a series finale. In fact, series creator Craig McCracken talked about setting up Season Three before Disney cancelled the show. Season Two had its wonky moments, but the last few episodes were some of the best the series had as it ran the gauntlet of emotions and delved much deeper into each of the main characters—especially Wander as he stood firm to his pacifist principles in the face of Hater, Peepers, and Sylvia wanting to go to war with Dominator.

It’s still a surprise “The Breakfast” won the Annie Award for TV over both Steven Universe and Gravity Falls’s most talk-about episodes (“Jailbreak” and “Not What He Seems”, respectively). Indeed, when Wander debuted on Disney Channel in 2013, it drew north of two million viewers for all but one episode. But by the 15th episode, it was punted to Disney XD and in the morning for a short while before airing on Monday nights (when Disney XD apparently felt like it).

We at DerpyNews are disappointed that we have lost three of the shows we’re covering in a span of four months, but of Gravity Falls (creator’s choice), Littlest Pet Shop (it was time), and Wander Over Yonder; it still feels like the last of those three is leaving too soon and some of the decisions Disney made as to how they aired it does not put them beyond reproach.

It’s an indictment of Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Discovery Family that they are jarringly uneven when they air their cartoon shows. You may have noticed that Steven Universe will air Monday-Friday again starting July 18th for what appears to be another “Steven Bomb”. For the “In Too Deep” arc, it was Thursdays at 7pm ET/6pm CT. When Star vs. the Forces of Evil returns on July 11th, it will be at10:30am ET/9:30am CT on Disney XD. I was personally aghast when I heard the time slot.

Of course, with the likes of Netflix and Disney with its apps for it channels, there are many ways to view a cartoon nowadays. Also, there are other metrics to determine the popularity of a show as is all too known with MLP.

Wander Over Yonder was a very funny show and was getting better as its run was coming to an end. It’s just a shame that “The End of the Galaxy” was The End for Wander. It just feels like it’s going too soon.


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  • Raffaele Lanza

    I’ve to say thought, the last three episodes gave me… EXTREMELY mixed feelings: The Flower and The End of The Galaxy were my favorites episodes of the entire show, but The Robomechabotatron my least favorite of the entire show. So much potential… wasted…