“The Little Guy” Animatic by Chris Houghton

The Little Guy

Chris Houghton has published an animatic for “The Little Guy” that shows his original idea for Lord Hater’s eulogy for Westley.

Hater’s Speech from “The Little Guy.”

I really enjoyed posing out this speech from Hater. The final turned out less expressive but oh well. I probably added in too much here anyway.

Find it after the break.

He also has some tips for aspiring artists.

iamcharlieg asked: how did you learn to draw so much art

The first step is believing in yourself. Then secondly, it helps to just pay others to draw art and then you put your name on it like Jim Davis. Then people will ask you, “Jim, how did you do that?” And you can say magic or you believed in yourself or whatever.

DISCLAIMER: People will only call you Jim if you name is Jim. DON’T BLOW THIS! If your name is something else, they’ll probably use that instead.

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