Long prior to even the prepremiere preview Picnic, Disney Channel press releases had foretold that Aziz Ansari would star in Wander Over Yonder as the watchdog Westley. The anticipation building up, Westley quickly earned his own minifandom without having to appear on screen even once. Today, finally, this anticipation could culminate in out enjoyment of the 22-minute episode “The Little Guy.”

“The Little Guy” – When the tiniest Watchdog cadet, Westley, is accidentally left behind on a planet, Wander and Sylvia befriend him and pretend to be his prisoners to help him reunite with Hater. Guest starring Aziz Ansari (“Parks and Recreation”) as Westley. (Via a Disney Channel press release)

The YayPonies and iTunes versions are out!

  • Waterclam

    You guys are FAAAAAAAAST (but mostly because of the lower quality video).

    • Spazz


  • iTunes RAW now out on YayPonies too :)