After one week mysteriously without Disney Channel ratings, we finally got ratings again for Friday, October 4, 2013. “The Pet” couldn’t quite measure up to the premiere episodes, but then it was an actual series premiere with all of Disney’s promotion leading up to it. Moreover, some sports thing dominates these ratings, something that will likely not happen to most future episodes.

“The Pet” got a solid sixth place in the ratings published on Zap2it. Poor SpongeBob barely made it into the ranking, but as the one who did the sorting I can console you with the observation that SpongeBob holds the 11th place as well.

Rank Show Net Time Viewers (106)
1. MLB Division Series TBSC 6:43 PM 4.136
2. MLB Division Series TBSC 9:39 PM 3.56
3. Dog With A Blog DSNY 8:30 PM 3.452
4. A.N.T. Farm DSNY 8:00 PM 2.961
5. The O’Reilly Factor FOXNC 8:00 PM 2.734
6. Wander Over Yonder DSNY 9:00 PM 2.544
7. WWE Friday Night Smackdown SYFY 8:00 PM 2.513
8. Jessie DSNY 7:00 PM 2.454
9. MLB Division Series TBSC 3:00 PM 2.417
10. SpongeBob NICK 6:30 PM 2.263

Thanks to heyytalia for the heads-up!

  • StatManDan

    That 2.544M was also miles ahead of “The Legend of Korra” which drew a shocking 1.103M for the night. Of course, NICK only let fans know three days in advance that they were pushing it back 90 minutes to 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT.