The Steve Lambe Facts

Wander Over Yonder storyboard artist Steve Lambe answered a series of questions on his Tumblr that are pretty interesting to the fan.

Before Wander, he has worked as storyboarder and character designer on a number of well-known shows, and besides his Tumblr, he also maintains a Blogger blog with more links to social media outlets where you can follow his work. His website will probably appear here at some point.

Question: “How well were your art/animation skills when you were about 14 years-old?” —Anonymous

That’s an easy question… I had very little. Most artwork I did at that age were copies of my favorite comics, or sometimes I made my own minicomics. They were terribly violent and terribly drawn… but super fun. I watched tons of cartoons, but was never interested in animation as a career till I was in my early 20s.

Question: “What is the best tablet to use for illustration and animation?” —Anonymous

I use a Wacom 21UX. It was the second generation tablet that had the crappy surface that scratched off with pencil mileage. I eventually tore off the covering, and switched to graphite nibs. It’s been awesome ever since.

Question: “Give us the deets on Wander Over Yonder… PLEASE???”

I did a storyboard for Wander back in early spring. It was an awesome experience, and I felt fortunate to work with such an amazingly talented team. Hope to do more sometime soon.

Question: “I dig the classic styles you use in your art (I’m not sure if it was intentional—but I’m talking about the cartoons of the 60s and 70s). Is this all paper, or digital? Love the comic strips about your boy. My daughter was the same way with paper books I introduced—shredded!” —underzero

Thanks for the kind words, Underzero! I used to work mostly on paper years ago, but after being forced to learn the cintiq at work (hated it in the beginning), I’ve gone completely digital. I still draw on paper in my sketchbook at home, but for work, the pipeline and speed works much better with digital.

That’s hilarious about your daughter with the books btw. I’ve had a few people email me saying the same thing. Maybe we should save those books till they’re 15.

Question: “How do you make your dry brush textures, or rather how do you get that effect in your work?” —manofmissle

Some of the dry brushes I use were ones I scanned from traditional media. Others I found online. Like this snazzy one from Drew Green. He’s got a tutorial over on his DeviantArt about how to make it. Enjoy!

Question: “You know, Dreamworks has been toying with the idea of rebooting some of the Jay Ward franchises. No pressure or anything, but maybe there’s hope for your Underdog designs. :)” —Anonymous

Ha! I read about that over on Cartoon Brew. I doubt Dreamworks would ever be interested in any of these designs, but hey… if they ever do, they know where to find me.

Question: “I just went through your entire blog. You are wonderful, and your art made me smile constantly. I hope you have a lovely day.” —Anonymous

Wow… best email ever!

Wait… Mom? Is that you?

Hah, the premiere hasn’t even aired and I’m already hoping it’ll be renewed for a second season just so the storyboarders can work their magic again!

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