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“Hey Dum-Dums! I thought I told ya not lock this gate no more!” – The Troll

Hello everyone!

Today, we’ll be starting up a Wander Over Yonder review post for the newest episodes that have been released.

For those of you who don’t know, my name is Mickey and I’m new to DerpyNews. I also have a tumblr if you’re curious.

I apologize if this post was a bit late as school (and life) have been a bit busy. But hopefully within the next few weeks, we’ll have it all compiled. Before I start up, keep this mind that everyone is entitled with their own opinion on any episode. I am accepting to others feedback and if you weren’t a fan of one episode, then that’s fine with me. Okay now on with the review!

So the episode that we’ll be reviewing is The Troll.

The title is obvious really as it focused on a small, evil troll who demands for Prince’s Cashmere’s food supply and as Cashmere’s army (along with Sylvia) try to attack him, Wander decides to relax instead. Wander’s laziness stresses Sylvia yet she doesn’t realize what he was actually doing. Between this, the Troll becomes more stronger as he makes fun of Cashmere’s soldiers and finally arrives to Prince Cashmere’s castle.



As the Troll tries to get the food sack, he sees Wander napping and quickly regards him as a a ‘dumb yokel’ along with other harsh comments. Still, Wander ignores his rude attitude thus shrinking the Troll down. Sylvia finds out what he did and joins him by being lazy as well. Prince Cashmere was also shocked by the results and as he and his army tried to attack the small Troll, he grew bigger. The Prince is upset and is completely shocked by how the travelers were just ignoring the devious critter. Asking why they were lazy, Wander tells to the Prince to “Then stop feeding him.” Sylvia also adds to this “Dude, just ignore the guy. You getting all upset just makes him stronger.”



“Don’t feed the troll.” 

The Prince realizes his comment and quickly tells his soldiers that they must ignore the Troll rather than to ‘feed him.’ The men ignore the Troll who finally shrinks down. Finally the men and the travelers enjoy their dinner in peace all while the Troll complains in his annoying small voice, being the size of a small rodent.


Overall, this episode was really great and very light-hearted to watch. It made me feel nostalgic as several cartoons had this type of scenario but not quite as well as Wander. Saying BAAAA-HAALA was pretty awesome as regarded by this reviewer.

The Troll’s Voice Actor, Keith Ferguson (who also voices Lord Hater) did a excellent voice for the Troll, adjusting the tones as the Troll grew bigger to when he was the size of a tick! This review also regarded Wander Over Yonder as being a stellar show and assuming that the Troll had no essence in being an Internet Troll.


Speaking of which, this episode had a great message hidden and was pretty easy to find.

The title gives off an obvious hint. UrbanDictionary sites a Troll as…

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 12.36.27 PM


But before the Internet era hit, trolls were stated to be mischievous trolls who lived under bridges or in caves. That explains it.


The other hint shows the Troll growing bigger and bigger whenever Cashmere’s men took his rude comments seriously, proving that the Troll was a bully who became more powerful as others took their words ‘in’, making them feel weak.

Growing up, I took harsh comments seriously and it made the bullies become more cruel much like the troll itself. However, I remember my Dad telling me at times that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I kept that in mind and the bullies backed off. That was the end of that.

This is similar to what Wander was doing in this episode. He simply ignored the harsh comments from the Troll, realizing the Troll’s weakness. Wander’s basic statement strengthen the Prince and his men to ignore the Troll thus shrinking him down or just making him feel like the ‘yokel’ he obviously was.


Basically, The Troll provided not just a funny episode but that it also had a message which was really basic and very formative, educating kids to ignore the bullies who taunt them. Since most of the target audience for Wander is living in a digital era they can now understand what trolls are on the internet through Cartoon Network’s forum page to many of the social media sites we have today.

They just have to remember this simple quote.

IMG_2244 IMG_2245

Until next time, I’ll be wandering over yonder, just you and me!

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