A tiny new preview has appeared on the Disney Channel website as part of a “Happy Fa-la-la-lidays” promo, and I would assume that at least the second, longer Wander Over Yonder scene is from “The Little Guy,” meaning that the little watchdog cadet above is Westley. (I hope I’m not wrong because I can’t change the URL of the article anymore. Aaah!)

The first scene can be found at 0:36 and the second one at 0:42.

  • GirlaPH

    Dammit Disney Channel, stop trying to put tiny previews of new Episodes of Wander Over Yonder. You’re making fangirls like me more furious and go all “HHHNNNNNGGG I WANT MORE”!! >.<

    • Pahey

      IKR ;-;

  • Waterclam

    Yes, that is Westley indeed. “The Little Guy” is the only WoY episode in December.