Writers, Editors, and Storyboarders

As mentioned in the last post, Disney’s fact sheet, IMDb (whatever their source may have been), and the various parties themselves reveal or allege a list of talent involved in the production of Wander Over Yonder.

As proper, albeit prospective, fans, we can’t allow these people to languish at the level of just a fewscore Twitter or Tumblr followers. Hence, I’m publishing this series of posts throughout this week to promote their blogs and social media outlets. Follow away!

This list is necessarily far from compete, but to not unnecessarily curtail its comprehense, I’ll also mention those who don’t maintain such outlets (yet) or haven’t published them where we could find them.

Here now part two on writers, editors, and storyboarders of Wander Over Yonder—minus Lauren Faust that is, whose Twitter and DeviantArt accounts you can find in my producers post.

Ben Joseph Ben Joseph is credited as associate story editor. There are two of the sort on IMDb, but he seems to be this Benjamin Joseph. You can get into contact with him on Twitter, Facebook, and right here on Tumblr, where he also maintains a list of projects he contributed to, among them CollegeHumor and The Simpsons.

Amy J. Higgins and Frank Angones Amy J. Higgins and Frank Angones, the writers who are already listed on the fact sheet (I wonder whether Amy Keating Rogers has contributed an episode…) seem to have a preference for team work: They describe each other as “writing partner[s].” Those two sources also give some interesting details about their background and motivation for writing. You can follow Amy on Twitter, and Frank on Twitter and Tumblr.

As in the last post, there are again a number of people who are not yet officially listed, so take the following data with a grain of salt. (With regard to the company names, I decided to rather risk inconsistency than incorrectness. Please have a look at the Wikipedia article of the Disney-ABC Television Group for the details of their corporate structures and relationships.)

  • Mark Ackland, storyboard artist and designer at The Walt Disney Company
  • Jay Wade Edwards, storyboard editor at Disney-ABC Television Group
  • Riccardo Durante, storyboard artist at Disney-ABC Television Group
  • Rob Lilly, storyboard revisionist at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  • Chris Houghton, character designer, storyboard artist, and storyboard revisionist at Disney-ABC Television Group
  • Steve Daye, storyboard artist at The Walt Disney Company
  • Steve Lambe, storyboard artist at Disney-ABC Television Group

Stay tuned for part three on the artists and animators (minus the storyboarders, of course, who I chose to group with the writers).

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